Hello and welcome to Guardian Morgans.
Whether you are a foundation Morgan horse breeder or just curious about “America’s Horse” we are glad you found us. We are one of a wonderful group of “Old Style Morgan Horse” preservationists and members of The Cornerstone Morgan Club, a group dedicated to preserving “Traditional” Morgan horses having no modern out crossing since 1930. Many members specialize in certain foundation breeding programs and our concentration is the “Devan” breeding program from Merle D. Evans Crabapple Valley Farm, roughly from the 1940’s up until late 1970’s.

Merle D. Evans first started breeding Morgans without using a prefix. Later he used the prefix Devan. His foundation Morgans were six from the Government Farm in Vermont and later he added the mostly Western Morgan, Hawk Jim. In the later years, his herd was tightly close bred, going back over and over to his foundation horses.


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